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Because if there’s one thing I’ve learned as a former art director and branding expert with two decades of a high-flying corporate career… It’s that women like yourself are never going to be satisfied playing small.

Or let skills gaps keep you from building a brand that expresses your potential for global impact and profitability.

If you’re reading this… Then I know we already share a love of independence, being your own boss and chasing the thrill of creating a dream business, which (let’s be honest) at times scares you as much as it inspires you.

That’s because it’s a grand vision that only those used to following their instincts - and driven to build products or offer services that are truly unique – will have the drive to pursue.

I also know that making money is only one part of your dream.

And that, however blocked you may feel at the moment, you believe challenges are just temporary, and that excellence is the only standard worthy of targeting!


I get it, and I understand.

So, let me reassure you - as one entrepreneur and business innovator to the other - that if you’re willing to challenge yourself, have courage, work hard and, above all, design your blueprint right

You can build an empire that might begin from a laptop… but grow to become virtually limitless.


I know this because, as a fiercely independent little girl myself, who grew up in a sleepy neighbourhood on the small Mediterranean island of Cyprus, playing football with the local boys and exploring the world on her beloved bike, life has always rewarded my curiosity, my sense of fun and, above all, my instincts that a life worth living requires boldness, playfulness and inspiration...

It was these instincts that brought me to a professional and personal crossroads in 2016…

Despite a highly profitable and successful 20-year career in the graphic design and advertising industries…

And with a front-row seat to learning the best business strategies from leading brands such as Procter & Gamble, General Motors, Marks & Spencer (to name just a few)…

I realised my mission in life went far beyond simply taking home a pay check. And it had definitely outgrown my corporate professional identity.

Above all - as a mother whose love for her child made it impossible to compromise when it came to being truly connected to another human being…

I realised my adventure had to continue far beyond the boardroom doors!

In that moment, my heart soared at the thought of working one-on-one with future-oriented business owners, like you!, and guiding you to express the true power of your ideas.

I can’t wait to coach you in the branding and marketing strategies of giants - which work just as beautifully and successfully for newer enterprises…

To show you, step by step, how to promote your business, organising the overwhelming range of actions that a new enterprise must take to grow…

And to ensure an unparalleled dimension of creativity to your look, incorporating my love of tech and social media, to ensure your brand is visually perfect at every level, while reaching your dream clients with your message, irrespective of geography…

I guess you might say, it wasn’t even a choice to walk away from the safe and traditional… It was a joyous, liberating burst of inspiration!

Today, other than holding my child in my arms for the first time, that turning point is still one of my life’s best moments.

And it means I get to do what I love, every day, with and for the people who are changing the world.

Every moment of my present life - including the temporary glitches and challenges (yes, they’ll always come and go) - is ultimately a privilege.

And it generates far too much joy for me to simply keep for myself: it has to be shared and passed on, so it can keep on growing.

(I admit I get a little passionate when I talk about these things…)

So, if you’ve read this far, please know that I welcome you and honour your mission.

And, no matter what anyone else may say, I’m cheering you on, and sending you courage and encouragement for the success that’s both achievable and absolutely worth chasing.

I hope we join forces to express the true power of your brand, very soon!

With all my love,

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