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It doesn’t matter where you’re at in building your brand… You could be designing, launching or simply continuing to push ahead in growing your impact online… 

But the fact remains, every stage demands its own, clear sequence of steps if you’re going to make the best use of your time and resources as an entrepreneur, and accelerate your growth.

Building a unique and stand out brand requires focus, clarity and strategy, as well as insider knowledge and an instinct for putting the right pieces together that only experience can provide.

All of the confusion you’re going through about building your brand can be dissolved and turned around the moment you let an expert guide you.

Personal Brand Coaching / Simone Erotokritou
Background-maries beige.jpg

That’s where Brand Talk comes in.


It’s perfect for when you’re up against the clock and need an intense (but creative, insight-rich and - yes, I’ll say it – inspiring!) brand coaching session to get you feeling back under control, ultra-fast.

Brand Talk means you and I connect for 90, super-focused minutes in which you get to ask me anything about branding, marketing & how to build or elevate your brand online.

Consider it an espresso session that cuts through the overwhelm to zip you to brand clarity, map out where you want to be and strategise the plan to help get you there.




✓ You’re in need of an expert’s insight to help you clarify your most important next steps when it comes to creating a stunning first impression online.

✓ You’re exhausted by the one-size-fits-all strategies from the internet that either aren’t relevant to your business or need additional know-how or technical guidance to implement.

✓ You already know that only an intentional, cohesive and strategically-designed brand has the power to attract the clients you truly want to work with.

✓ You’re hungry to build a one-of-a-kind brand that sets you apart from your competitors.


Brand Talk will save you HOURS of unnecessary research and DIY tutorials, dial down the information overload and show you how the pieces fit together, so you can take action right away.






We start with a little prep work.
Once you’ve booked your session, you’ll receive a questionnaire to fill out and return to me ahead of our meeting. The questionnaire helps me get to know you, and gives me a sense into what you’re trying to achieve through your brand. You’ll also need to send me your questions so I can prepare, which will allow our time together to be most efficient and effective.


Then we’ll rendezvous on Skype or meet in-person in Nicosia, Cyprus for our Brand Talk.
You’ll have 90 minutes to ask me as many questions as we can fit in. While the format is a conversation, I’ll keep the information flowing your way to-the-point and practical, making it easy to take notes and record the insights as they arise.


Last but not least, you’ll get the highlights of everything we discuss in a recap email.
To guarantee you get the most value from our time together, and to ensure you don’t miss any important details or how-tos from our session, I’ll send you a recap of my own notes, highlights and key links to relevant resources following our Brand Talk, so you can refer to them later, as often as you need.

  • "I applied all the tips Simone shared and saw an improvement in my business branding. Go for it you won't regret it."
    — Melissa Marie Lowndes
  • "Mind Blown!! So much amazing information and knowledge being imparted. Feeling super inspired and pumped."
    — Artemis Evangelidi
  • "I love Simone’s energy. She rocks! She is very inspiring, highly instructional, pragmatic and extremely helpful."
    — Natalia Demetriou
  • "Prepare to enter the gate of expansion! Simone’s energy as an entity is amazing, it is now my role model."
    — Xenia Danos
Background-maries beige.jpg
Personal Branding Expert / Simone Erotokritou

And a little more about me...

I’m Simone Erotokritou. I guide entrepreneurs and business owners with big hearts and even bigger dreams take smart, strategic steps to build their brand and market it online, creating a business and life they love.
I say that with confidence and expertise because I’ve been building brands since 1994, with a two-decade career in corporate advertising and design… and a front-row seat to the strategies of world-class brands. Today, I’ve swapped the boardrooms for my beautiful Mediterranean home, with my mission being to empower you.


Gift yourself 90 minutes of a Brand Talk, and let me help you, as I’ve helped hundreds of others, to really zoom in on what you need for your brand’s journey to online success!

Your Investment

€ 175