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I applied all Simone’s strategies and saw an improvement in my business branding. Go for it!

Property Manager


Simone has helped me develop my brand in ways I could have never imagined.

Gender Consultant

With Simone’s guidance we increased the registrations for our two-year program.

BSDT Programme

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Working with Simone was one of the most important things I could have done as a business owner. Although I was already 4 years into my business, so much had changed and shifted from those first days that I was completely lost in terms of brand strategy and the next steps forward. Simone’s incredible ability to put all those ideas, thoughts, visions and goals into a workable, structured and tailored format was imperative to enable my business to move forward. Her warm, sincere and authentic attention helped me find the courage to speak my truth and not be afraid to let my true vision for my company shine. She is professional, attentive, creative, inspiring and above all else, she is fuelled by love. Love for what she does, love for what she creates and love for her clients. We are miles ahead already in our industry because of Simone and I thank her from the bottom of my heart!

Holistic Business & Legal Consultant


On a small Mediterranean island, until quite recently, fortune and leadership relied on word of mouth, amplified by personal contacts and basic media, at least that’s how I experienced public exposure for each of my 4 careers spanning 40 years. Then I met Simone, as I was struggling to launch the latest of my passions. Simone held the key to what was blocking me from stepping out bravely, boldly, professionally, into the public, with my new persona. The embodiment of technology (as the telephone, television, etc. had propelled the evolution of communication) Simone held the mechanism, the expertise, the skills, the know-how, to expose my talents and dreams, not only island wide but globally. Simone’s perseverance in reflecting the value of ‘my product’ to me, her patience in getting me to focus acutely on my talents and resources, coaching me to articulate, served as my breakthrough. Additionally, her seminars on branding enhanced my understanding and my own expertise. Then came the practical, social media coaching, when the spoon-feeding shifted into me taking responsibility, one example: designing and posting my events on my own; yet always backed by Simone’s safety-net, confidence-building support at times when I felt panicky and lost. She has been and is there for me 100%.

Coach, Psychotherapist, Movement for Change Motivational Leader

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I met Simone during a workshop that was arranged by an NGO initiative, so i didn't even know what to expect. Her presentation about personal branding blew my mind, so I immediately realised the importance for myself and my business to establish a clear vision and a brand. Simone has patiently worked with me and guided me in an inner search to find all the answers i needed to and has helped me articulate better what my brand does and who it's for. Her artistic outlook is a huge plus when it comes to designing and making everything blend nicely together. Working with Simone to build my brand and market it online was the best decision i made and I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Motivational Speaker, Dentist, Adventurer 


From the moment I stepped into Simone’s serene and creative workspace I felt inspired. She captivated me with her smile and fresh ideas from the very first meeting. Working with her felt natural, organic and invigorating- she always thinks of concepts that best your personality, service and spirit. Our styles matched and she filled me with ideas and resources – she definitely understood my vibe! I was inspired by her organization, professionalism and friendly approach. Not only did Simone teach me the ins and outs of branding and web strategy but also being an entrepreneur and developing my own business. Our meetings didn’t feel like work, I never wanted them to be over! Simone has so much knowledge to share and is 100% dedicated to each client. She’ll go the extra mile to make sure the result is exactly as you want and even more. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Travel Writer, Event Photographer, Blogger 

For any modern business to thrive these days, online branding plays a vital role in reaching potential clients and cultivating their interest, loyalty, and satisfaction with the service offered. In my case, however - and like so many training professionals whose work is very hands-on and practical - I was unclear about using content and social media to market my business effectively, and overwhelmed with all the options and solutions available. I needed someone to help me identify which social media and content practices were truly necessary and which could safely be ignored... but without overlooking any important strategy or wasting time on actions not suited to promoting my particular brand. Fortunately for me, I could turn to Simone, whose years of experience in branding and advertising, as well as her expertise in social media and content strategy, made her guidance invaluable. Patient, conscientious and meticulous, Simone's tailored coaching sessions provided me with the roadmaps to creating an online presence that uniquely showcases my brand and reaches my ideal clients. Best of all, she helped me view the online branding process holistically, empowering me with the knowledge of how all the different pieces fit together.

Self Development & High-Performance Mentor 

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Simone inspired me, motivated me and gave me the tools to elevate my brand.

Michaelides Textiles


A truly inspiring woman Simone has helped me gain clarity and confidence to position my expertise online.

Cyprus Gastronomy


Simone helped me reconnect to my “why” and regain my confidence as a business woman.

Jewellery designer


Getting in touch with Simone was a relief, since I knew she was an expert in her field. As our meetings followed through, Simone helped me see clearly what I needed to communicate further with my audience and what clutter had to go. My initial presentation of my content was rough and disorganized, and with her clean and precise viewing and adjusting, I was so much happier with the end result. Now with the final communication presented on my website and in a ‘make sense’ manner I feel I am a step closer to my initial goal. Working towards the next steps of my project, i can always rely on Simone for more guidance and answers to key questions that come to my mind.

Strength & Endurance Coach



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